Benjamin has been in clinical practice for over 21 years and has a firm background in integrative medicine working with both General Practitioners, Allied health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, osteopaths and traditional complementary medicine practitioners such as Naturopaths, Herbalists, Nutritionists and Homoeopaths.


In addition to this he has a background in medicinal plant cultivation that has ranged from growing over 100 medicinal herbs in his early career to the development of his own herbal and nutritionally compounded products that he introduced into his role as the Dispensary Manager for the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM), co-prescribing with General Practitioners and Allied Health professionals in a truly integrative way.


Benjamin has contributed to the development of the growing integrative medicine profession by conducting workshops of extemporaneously prepared herbal and nutriceuticals and interning graduating Naturopaths and aspiring doctors into truly integrative medicine practitioners.



Naturopathic services

Naturopathic consultation with senior Naturopath and Herbalist Benjamin Lobb.

Extensive Herbal Dispensary: 

  • Our qualified and experienced herbalist will custom formulate herbal preparations specific to your personal needs or from a prescription from another practitioner

Fully Stocked Nutritional Dispensary: 

  • We stock and compound practitioner only supplements from brands such as: Metagenics, Medi Herb, and RN Labs

Organic Herbal Teas

  • We have a range of our own formulated & manufactured therapeutic organic herbal teas. We also stock individual teas that we can formulate to your needs and taste requirements. We also welcome wholesale enquiries.

Organic Skin and Hair Care

  • We offer our own formulated and manufactured organic skin care, derived from all natural and organic ingredients.

  • Our Herbessence range includes: Skin care, Bath salts, Oils, Base creams for therapeutic preparation such as (Eczema & psoriasis, wound care, bruises and broken bones) and can be personally formulated for you, along with shampoo and conditioners and therapeutic formulations for scalp conditions and nits. We also welcome wholesale enquiries.

Weight Loss and Detox Programs

  • We offer qualified nutritional and lifestyle advice and support, a range of different weight loss and weight management programs, gentle detox programs, protein powders, sports nutrition, healthy eating plans and recipe books.

Flower Essences

  • Benjamin will formulate for you a Bush or Bach flower essence. We also stock pre-formulated flower essences such as rescue remedy.

For Practitioners

  • Practitioners can contact the Dispensary to have their patients scripts filled.


Organic Medicinal Teas are especially formulated for specific ailments and conditions. Our range includes: Stress Less, Synergy Detox, Tummy Calm, Immune Defense, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding and Love Your Liver. We also stock single teas and are happy to custom formulate teas for individual needs. 


Organic Coffee Blends We formulate organic coffee blends such as “New York” coffee which is a blend of organic coffee, roasted dandelion and chicory roots, a great way to reduce your caffeine intake.  “Love Your Liver” blend is a great coffee substitute that is caffeine free. All of our coffee beans are organic and fair trade.

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