A deeply nurturing, restorative and relaxing blend of Epsom, Himilayan & Dead sea salts infused with pure essential oils of alpine lavender, patchouili, mandarin & blue yarrow,  whole  rose petals & lavender buds. Why not malke your own hot springs at home!

Relax Bath Soak

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  • Contains an array of naturally occuring macro & trace minerals, most notably magnesium & sulphur which are both relaxing & detoxifying known to help with lactic acid buildup & muscular tension. The influence of the herbal extracts in this blend are chosen for people suffering from insomnia & anxiety

    Directions: depending on severity of symptoms add 1/4-1 cup to, hand, foot or full body bath, add to old stocking & hang over tap to avoid flowers sticking to sides of bath. For a more Cleopatraesk experience add to bath as is.